The End…but not Quite.

Well as promised I am finally writing a FINAL post now that I am back in America. I figure it’s been a whole 5 days (more or less) since I’ve been back and I’m about due to write this final blog post. In part I’ve been pretty busy and haven’t written this yet, but also … Continue reading

Beijing 2.0

Well as promised I’m taking a bit of a study break after finishing my papers this weekend. I must say I am super glad to be done with that big chunk of work, since pretty much all that’s left is all my Chinese studying for our final this week. After that I’ll have the weekend … Continue reading

Terracotta City…aka Xi’an

Before I write anything else I have to apologize to anyone actually trying to follow this blog/my travels in China because this post is LONG overdue. I was waiting until after my trip to Xi’an to write this blog post but between my Mom being here and finals really kicking into gear and kicking my … Continue reading

Badminton, Chinese Graffiti, Pearls, and Great Walls. Casual.

This post is yet again overdue, but with this I will finally be up to date with my travels and adventures so far! Excuse me for the likely randomness of this post, I’ve been to a couple cool places over the past few weeks that I’ll write about but I also just want to discuss … Continue reading

The Ugliest City Surrounded by the Prettiest Place on Earth

Hello again! So as promised, here is the third installment in my blog posts about my independent travel! If you’re just tuning in I suggest you read the other posts first but basically a week and a half ago I returned from my trip to Southwestern China where I visited Chongqing, Sichuan, and Guizhou. This … Continue reading

The City that Almost Killed Me aka Chengdu

I know this title may seem a tad melodramatic but I will get to explaining just why Chengdu actually made me think I might die for a brief period of time. I will warn you this is going to be a long post since Chengdu was probably the most exciting and fun city we went … Continue reading

Where are all the other Waiguoren? aka Chilling in Chongqing

Hello world! So this post is way overdue, but hopefully the content will make up for the fact that it took me five days since getting back to post it! I have officially arrived back in Beijing from my independent travel trip. Boy was it a whirlwind of…excitement. I think it would be highly impossible … Continue reading

Authentic Antiques and Multiples of Nine… (and a nunfunctional camera)

Hello again! Sorry it’s been a bit of time again, even busy in China around midterm times! I have to apologize for the lack of photos in this post. I’ve had a little bit of camera trouble–aka the Summer Palace my camera died and at Tiantan I simply forgot my battery. I took a couple … Continue reading

Breakdowns and Befriending all the Babies and Beijingers

So I apologize because I’ve been back in Beijing for almost two weeks now and have not written a new post but hopefully the alliteration of this post will make up for it? It’s not that I don’t have the time I just haven’t gotten around to it for some reason. I was waiting to … Continue reading

Mehtok Lahmo goes to “Tibet”: Part 2

Anddd we’re back. This post will probably be even longer than the last since I have a lot to say and am going to fit it in just this post. Here we goo: Our next stop was Tongren, a slightly larger Tibetan area that could probably be considered a city, but it was more like … Continue reading